Tango Grecia | Greece
15 - 22 May 2015

fully booked

Tango holiday all inclusive at the beach

Tango Holiday from 15 - 22 May 2015 with Mariano & Cosima to Greece. We stay in a grand resort directly at the see, with swimming pools and private beach. The dance hall (350 m2) is booked exclusively for the tango group the whole week.

  • All Inclusive formula
  • Professional teachers
  • Booking at registered travel agency
  • Four star hotel
  • At sandy beach
  • 45 minutes from Athens
  • Daily workshops
  • Evening milongas
  • From intermediate to very advanced
  • Lectures by Mariano about tango music, history, and styles
  • Lots of recreation: visit the islands closeby, or the cultural heritages in the region
  • Extra: masterclasses for teachers
    (at invitation)
  • Optional for all who are interested: Choreo Lab - with our guidance you will study a choreography in the style of 'Tango Salón con Pasos' and perform in the amfitheater.
  • Open Stage
  • Grand dance hall
  • Affordable flights to Athens (you can also book your flight the travell agency, from Belgium, Holland or Germany, mail us for advice).


You can have your flight book through us, or the travel agency. Find your best flight here

Brussels: 86 euro
Eindhoven: 147 euro
Amsterdam: 186 euro
Hamburg: 81 euro
München: 249 euro
Berlin: 136 euro
Oslo: 167 (alternative dates)

Price all inclusive tango week in Greece: 650 euro p.p.

- four star hotel resort at the beach ****
- all inclusive formula till 23:00hr
- 7 nights stay in double room with mountainview
- all guided milongas
- lectures about tango music, tango history and tango styles
- all classes
- técnica training
- choreo lab (optional)
- masterclasses (optional for teachers to improve your teaching skills)
- service of official travell agency specialized in exclusive holidays in Greece

Supplement seaview: 90 euro p.p.
Supplement single room: 110 euro p.p.

Bookings open

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This holiday is booked with a travell agency, specialized in exclusive Greece-travells. Member of ANVR and SGR.

Tangostage Tangovakantie Griekenland 15 - 22 Mei 2015



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